Silver Sanction’s Skylar Alice Places Just Short of Top 32 in the EU Brawlhalla Spring Championship

Skylar Alice of Silver Sanction put on a great performance in the Brawlhalla Spring Championships

Skylar Alice, Silver Sanction’s Brawlhalla player, put on a great showing in the EU Brawlhalla Spring Championship. Skylar placed just short of the Top 32, going 7–2 in the tournament.Skylar Alice’s started his run in the A4 pool with back-to-back 2–0 sets against D4nk and Cheeki Freeki. He then followed that up with with a 2–1 win against Kyuhnaru that would send him forward to the Top 128.

Skylar Alice would have the hard task of facing Dobrien in the first round of the Top 128. While he put up a great fight, he would be sent down to the Loser’s Bracket after losing the match 2–0. He would go on to repeat his start in the A4 pool during his Loser’s Bracket run, taking two more back-two-back 2–0 victories, this time against Im Boosted and Casuu. Unfortunately, Rarax would put a stop to Skylar’s run with a 2–0 defeat; eliminating him right before the Top 32.

Skylar would also have an impressive performance in the 2v2 portion of this tournament with his partnet, flat bati. Going into the B16 Pool, they went off with 3 consecutive 2–0 sets, followed by a 2–0 loss from the duo of Flamethrower and FryDasOle in the Winner’s Bracket Semi Final.

Skylar and Flat were not out just yet, the duo found a 2–0 victory in their Loser’s Bracket Quarter Final match, skipped a disqualified duo in the Semi Finals, and lost a hard fought set 2–1 in the Loser’s Bracket Finals. The duo performed great, but fell just short of the Top 32.

Skylar Alice felt good about his Brawlhalla Spring Championship showing, saying “ I did well in the 1v1 Championships, me and my partner did well in the 2v2 Championships. I was shooting high and for the amount of participants in both events, the placments I got were amazing. The next major is in summer, which gives me time to become a better player. Expect top 32 and higher placements when that time comes!”

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