Who do you think is the hardest boss in Star Ocean 4?

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    There are lots of epic boss battle in SO 4 and I think the difficulty of fighting a certain boss doesn’t depend on its sequence or if we refer it to the flow of the story. Like for example, Armaros Manifest is harder to defeat than Kokabiel(the boss after Armaros Manifest) because Armaros really deals a huge damage especially when he calls his minions than Kokabiel who can be easily defeated if you use Arumat as your tanker who is definitely the only dark magic user in the game. Unlike Manifest, you really need to come up with a good timing and precise strategy in hitting his weak spot which can be found at the back through blindsiding. I am not yet in the end part so I am not yet sure if the last few bosses will be as harder as the earlier ones. So who do you think is the most badass boss in the game that took you time even an hour defeating them?

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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