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    Games gathered Geyper. This brand is one of the emblems of the history of the Valencian toy industry and the Games Reunited one of its best hits in the 80s. Its milestone was to bring together in a single product between 10 and 55 table games, according to the box. Inside there was something more novel, such as the jaquet or the goal 24 , but most of them were classic games like the oca, the parchís, the roulette, the chess, the ladies, the domino or the tic-tac-toe .

    This meeting of several games in one place has been easy to reproduce by the sector of mobile applications, just enter an application store and we have hundreds of them to download. Curiously, the most popular remain the revisions of the classics such as parchís, dominoes and chess. Of course there are also apps that agglutinate several games at once, in the style of Geyper Reunited Games, such as Table Games , which contains 4 of the most common: parchís, oca, tres en raya and snakes and stairs.

    Parcheesi. As an example of a parchís app, we have Parchís Online , which seeks to increase the experience of this board classic allowing you to play online with other registered people, being able to level up and even bet virtual currencies.

    4 in a row , or in this case Conecta cuatro , provides the universality of being able to play with users from all over the world, obtain points and go up in the ranking. Although it also allows the classic game for two people who are together passing the device in turns.

    Chess . Interestingly, a game as old as chess which was launched by professional game app developers was one of the first to enter the digital age, both as a computer program, and in those portable chess machines that were so popular in the 80s and 90s. In fact Chess , by Chess Prince, is one of the most downloaded and maintains the character of these machines allowing to vary the scenarios and increase the level of difficulty. The opponent is always the game itself, but in return there is no advertising.

    Monopoly . There are imitations, but Hasbro’s classic of a lifetime, yes, edited by Electronic Arts , is the undisputed leader in app stores, being the second most downloaded payment application in this category. It has a price of € 2.99 for Android and € 1.09 for iOS and provides a fun and agile interface.

    Cluedo . In this case it is Marmalade Game Studio who launches the app of this classic Hasbro mystery game for € 2.29 for Android and 4.49 for iOS. It is the third most downloaded table game from Google Play and provides dynamic graphics, an innovative virtual track sheet and the ability to fight with other online detectives with multiplayer.

    Who is who? , the mythical guessing game we can find it like: Guess the character! . With few changes with respect to the physical game, perhaps the most significant is its casual interface and uses famous characters to guess and you can play, through the local Wi – Fi , with another device.

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