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    Need help from tech support, as I am getting upset with the company as no help is being or has been offered.
    Problem I am having is as follows:
    When I got SoA, it would not install. Was told to download Patch 1.2.8 so that
    it would install. This was never mentioned at all till I sent an email. Then had difficulty getting patch or finding the patch as web site for patch would go to HALO
    web site, but I finally found and got it installed.
    Then installed SoA, but when I try to run the game it has a problem an will not run and game aborts, (did allow the program to send the problem report), don’t know if
    it was received it. Scenario I was trying to play was Agincourt. In reading the booklet, I thought SOA was a stand alone game or does it use the Field of Glory
    program? Please email me back to the adress shown below as to what is the solution.

    Please help.

    I did not find the right solution from the internet.

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