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    4 May 2018 that this cross-cutting relevance of culture should be underlined with the publication of this second volume in .. pluralism and the promotion of cultural diversity’; Mike org/images/0012/001255/125590e.pdf#constitution.these is the issue of cross-cultural communication and understanding. This “rise of the responding adequately to difference is crucial to fostering cross-cultural.
    PDF | Language is inseparable from culture, consequently when we teach a foreign In a TEFL country such as Indonesia, teaching cross-cultural understanding is .. students’ intellectual curiosity about the target culture, and to encourage.
    understanding. Cross-cultural understanding is more than The way to cross-cultural understanding is to learn to number of projects to promote cross-cultural.
    What do toe mean by cross-cultural u ndersta nding? Most of the available curriculum guides designed to promote a cross-cul tural understanding have a
    graduate students in asynchronous online discussions on classroom case studies can promote cross-cultural understanding of education. Data sources include
    Universities are seeking techniques that encourage students to become more globalized in their perspectives. One method of providing students with an
    cross-cultural understanding; how students perceive project-based collaborative learning implementation . This approach uses projects as vehicles to promote students’ motivation (2014). Retrieved from
    workshop designed to fostercross-cultural understanding in junior high school teachers. Promoting values, alternatives and behaviors in support of ethnic
    helped facilitate the development of cross-cultural awareness and cross-cultural and multicultural settings, FL learners must develop a heightened cultural.

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