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    Hey everyone, You may remember me from the original forums either as “MrDJSilva” or as “KingSilva” and I’m pleased to come back to the new community that Yeousch is building!

    Great to see Yeousch’s site being rebuilt a lot has changed in the YouTube scene since the absence of Yeousch and I’ve have recommended everyone from Exitium.TV Community to sign up to Yeousch. I’ve done this to make sure that Yeousch has a smooth relaunch as our community has a number of Content Creators which may prove very useful and also to help Yeousch with Video Submissions to Yeousch main and Yeousch Reloaded!

    Our community will continue to have Yeousch’s submission forms and links leading to its website in help of rebuilding its community and showing public support to Yeousch!

    Anyway i am off and #YEOUSCHDAMMIT šŸ˜›



    As a member of the Exitium.TV Community, I approve this message.



    Glad to see you here bro, The Yeousch fam is a great fam and once you get yourself involved with the community it’s a great experience!



    Thank you for being part of the family. We appreciate the love and support you have giving us.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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