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    Below I’ve included my opinions for Call of Duty WWII. I haven’t regularly played a Call of Duty title since Black Ops III. MW2 was the first CoD title I played and I regularly enjoyed CoD WaW, CoD 4, MW2, MW3, BOI, BOII. I haven’t touched a Call of Duty game since BOIII and I will say that personally, I feel WWII is somewhat of a fresh breath.

    How is Multiplayer?:
    In my opinion, Call of Duty WWII’s multiplayer is far better than the previous BOIII and Infinite Warfare titles. As promised, the experience is fully boots to the ground with responsive weapons and fairly decent maps.

    When you begin, you’ll have the choice of 5 classes, a primary rifle based class, a submachine based class, a light machine based glass, a melee based class, and a shotgun based class. You’ll be able to unlock all of these classes before level 6 if you choose to do so. Each class contains its own specialized perks such as shotgun bullets that shoot fire, silencers on submachines, and more!

    Hit detection always feels spot on. I haven’t had one game yet where I’ve experienced a bullet sponge on a player. I have had sniper shots that I feel were spot on, but I could simply suck at sniping. Shotguns, they feel like shotguns. While at close range, some shotgun shots will feel like they should kill in one shot. With that said, shotguns appear to have that same two shot kill from a rather long range making them rather effective at gunfights.

    Zombies is a lot of fun. It always has been in most Call of Duty games. This particular title is no different. In zombies, you can make progression with quests during the game where you can complete them to get closer to a final boss. You can then beat this final boss for bragging rights and some neat rewards.

    In particular, I actually loved this zombies due to the ability to get to and beat a final boss. It felt much like a Destiny raid(but much easier) where you get to the final boss, beat it, and you feel that accomplishment for doing it. Luckily, zombies will continue after you beat that boss and more can be done.

    Weapon Diversity:
    So far, there is a nice diversity of weapons and I think that the epic and heroic weapons you can get through random drops in supply drops are fairly awesome. For example, I just got a variant for the toggle shotgun that feels amazing but is just the same exact weapon(with 10% extra XP).

    Several of the variants also include neat perks which can be used in the zombies gamemode. Therefore, there is an incentive to get those weapons if possible.

    Much like the BOIII style contracts, quests have you playing certain gamemodes to get a set amount of kills, do a special challenge, or even win a certain gamemode. These quests can give rewards such as double XP for a weapons, your player, or your class. You can even get supply drops which I will explain in more detail below.

    These quests do not take very long to complete and if you complete 6 daily quests a week/3 weekly quests in a week/1 special quest in a week, you will be rewarded with extra rewards for completing those!

    Loot Boxes :/
    I’ll be the first to say, loot boxes tend to suck. You have so much content locked behind a random box with the CHANCE of getting a good item. It’s no fun when you get three commons in a rare crate you earned after playing a few matches of CoD.

    With that said, loot boxes are at the very least, somewhat plentiful. You can get several a day just from quests alone and then every 3-5 matches I’ve found you can get a rare supply drop which is a random reward given out after the completion of a match.

    You can also earn zombie supply drops through the zombies gamemode.

    Unfortunately, these can be purchased with money and therefore, this does make most of the locked content behind these supply drops purchasable and that’s a shame.

    Server Stability?:
    I will say that the servers have been experiencing quite a few issues lately, but I have seen many newly released games like Gears of War 4 which had issues for months after release. I’m still willing to give them a chance to fix this issue.

    When the servers are not experiencing issues, 90% of the time, you will have no issues joining games and accessing zombies.

    Overall, I’d say that Call of Duty WWII is worth getting if you really enjoy multiplayer shooters. I have seen quite a bit of negative stuff towards the campaign, but I have nothing to contribute regarding the campaign as I have not yet touched that.

    If you ever feel like playing some Call of Duty WWII together, here is my Xbox Gamertag:
    Titan Mirage

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